To support the Southern Tier’s vision (detailed below) Industry Building Blocks established with the following mission, geographic coverage, company coverage, and goals.




The Vision for the Southern Tier is best described by the following two excerpts:

From the ST8 CEDS Five Year Plan 2018-2022

A unique region of rural beauty and small urban centers that is also home to world class education, business and technology. Through sustained and inclusive regional collaboration, and our ideal location in the Northeast markets, we will be a region where people will want to make a life, not just a living, and where businesses choose to come and grow… The identification, development and nurturing of existing and emerging industry clusters is a key goal of this CEDS.

From the Southern Tier REDC (STREDC) 2017 Progress Report

Build on a strong foundation of existing businesses and higher education institutions and use a collaborative approach to leverage [our] globally competitive advantages to attract talent and investment for the development of industry clusters… To recapture the Southern Tier’s position as a hotbed of innovation and vigorous business growth… we will be a destination for the next generation of our nation’s best and brightest talent…  Our plan to build the Southern Tier’s Advanced Economy:
[1] Build the Greater Binghamton Innovation Ecosystem
[2] Invest in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry [Sector]
[3] Transform the Food & Agriculture Industry [Sectors]
[4] Promote the Southern Tier’s Innovation Culture

Southern Tier Uniqueness

  • Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Spiedies
  • Apple Wines
  • Lots of clean air, clean water, camping, trout fishing + more 
  • Jeff Smith
  • a lot more to come