Southern Tier industry clusters are shown below.  (For details, see the  ST8 CEDS  report.)


The “14 Southern Tier Counties” mentioned below (in the titles) are listed at the 14 Southern Tier Counties.


The U.S. Cluster Codes listed below are defined at US Clusters.


Industry cluster definition and cluster benefits described at Clusters.


Preliminary Notes for Southern Tier Industry Clusters



  • Southern Tier Cluster Coordinator:  Tom Kowalik 
  • Tier Energy Network (aka: TEN)
  • Energy production
  • Energy utility services
  • Energy transmission and energy distribution
  • Energy storage
  • Energy services, including energy and environmental consulting, energy infrastructure maintenance, and energy installation services
  • Energy efficiency programs for residential homes, commercial enterprises and industrial facilities
  • Energy management software and cloud services
  • Energy-related products manufacturing
  • Smart and advanced manufacturing requiring less energy usage
  • Energy-related professional workforce development, energy college courses, energy research, and energy-related labs at Binghamton University, Cornell and others
  •  76West clean energy competition 
  • Southern Tier incubators with energy focus
  • Entrepreneurial support services for energy-related startups, including rapid target marketing activities related to the commercialization of innovative research
  • Financial services companies with energy efficiency loans and other energy-related programs
  • Venture capital firms and other lending institutions with an energy investment focus
  • Energy information – local and global company and industry information for a wide array of alternative power sources, including: solar; wind; hydroelectric; hydrogen; fuel cells; geothermal; methanol; steam; polymer electrolyte membranes; tidal power; fuel cells; ethanol; landfill gas; bioenergy; combined heat and power; a wide array of battery types; energy storage; capacitors; thermoelectric power; medium-voltage distribution; grid automation; low voltage products; surge and electric power quality products; power transmission; power management and real time energy management; and lots of innovative solutions. For information on 700 energy-related industries, see  Industry Building Blocks .
  • For a list of Southern Tier companies like Imperium3 associated with the energy cluster, contact Tom Kowalik or Southern Tier 8
  • Southern Tier energy-related disaster planning by public and private organizations to prepare for possibility the electric grid goes down for a significant time.
  • Energy networking opportunities with global researchers and industry experts via LinkedIn:
    .  Energy, Utility & Environmental Services group  ~ 2,000 members
    .  Chemicals Manufacturing group  ~ 5,000 members

INDUSTRY CLUSTER – Agriculture. Food, Craft Beer, Wine & Liquor


  • Southern Tier Cluster Coordinator:  Mike Decker 
  • Wines (including Apple Wines)
  • Craft Beers
  • Industrial Hemp & Medical Hemp
  • Ag, food + beverage manufacturing networking opportunities with global industry experts via LinkedIn:
    .  Agriculture & Agribusiness group  ~ 2,000 members
    .  Food & Beverage Manufacturing group  ~ 2,000 members
  • The Ag sector is transforming from family farms to larger agri-businesses
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INDUSTRY CLUSTERS – Advanced Materials, Transportation Manufacturing & Manufacturing Supercluster


  • Southern Tier Cluster coordinator:  Jeff Smith 
  • CAMM
  • Advanced Transportation Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing networking opportunities with global industry experts via LinkedIn:
    .  Chemicals Manufacturing group  ~ 5,000 members
    .  Aerospace & Defense group  ~ 500 members
    .  Auto, Truck & Train Manufacturing group  ~ 700 members
    .  Other Commercial Products Manufacturing group  ~ 200 members
    .  Consumer Products Manufacturing group  ~ 2,000 members
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